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Founded in 1966 by Robert (Bob) P Curry and originally named Temple Aluminum & Bronze, Permocast started as a sand foundry, pouring bronze and aluminum. After witnessing the tilt pour method at a foundry show, Bob purchased a Stahl Auto-cast Tilt Pour molding machine. This method was ultimately a better fit for his customer base and by 1970, Temple Aluminum and Bronze had become Permocast. Permocast Corporation is now a second generation, family-owned aluminum foundry.

Permocast specializes in permanent mold casting, providing a high-quality alternative to die and sand casting, with highly affordable tooling and part prices. Our facilities are designed for maximum flexibility, providing customers with on time delivery services and products that meet the most stringent industry standards. With nearly 55 years of experience, we offer permanent mold casting in low, medium, and high volumes that are well-suited to a broad range of applications.

Our equipment includes a number of Stahl and Hall Automated Molding Machines that are able to accommodate casting sizes up to 56″ x 62″. With the automatic molding machines, the molten aluminum is poured hydraulically with strict process control to optimize efficiency and repeatability. We can also utilize shell/sand cores to accommodate more complex geometric requirements, reducing and in some cases eliminating the need for machining. Providing the highest quality products at economical prices is a priority for us. Our work is fully ISO compliant and meets the stringent industry standards set by ANSI, ASTM, and the Aluminum Association Casting Standards Program. We work in quantities that range from prototypes and low volume castings to high volume production runs.

We are conveniently located in the heart of central Texas between Dallas and Austin. We serve clients throughout Temple, Killeen, Waco, TX and all over North America including Canada and Mexico.