Aluminum permanent mold castings

Temple, Killeen & Waco, TX

At Permocast Corporation, we utilize a variety of automated molding machines in our Temple, TX facility. Universal mounting systems on our automated molding machines allow for flexibility in planning and production. The many different machine sizes give us the capability to pour castings from a few ounces to 100+ pounds, as well as a maximum mold size of 56" x 65".

Our molding equipment and furnaces

Our plant uses several different molding machines to produce the desired results. Our machines for aluminum casting molds include:

  • 12 X 18 Stahl automated molding machines
  • 18 X 24 Stahl automated molding machines
  • 30 X 30 Hall automated molding machines
  • 48 X 62 Hall automated molding machines



  • 3000 lb. reverbatory furnaces
  • Each furnace is a double chamber, dry hearth reverbatory furnace. The aluminum is melted in a seperate chamber to keep a constant metal temperature in the holding well.