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The permanent mold process is a great alternative to die or sand casting, providing you with high-quality castings at reasonable tooling and part prices. Our aluminum casting company is dedicated to producing quality parts, delivered on time at a fair price.

5 key advantages of a permanent molds

There are many different methods to produce the same part that you need, but permanent molding has several benefits. Here are five advantages to our permanent mold process:


  1. Affordable tooling prices make it cost-effective to produce in low, medium or high volume.
  2. Shell cores can be used to cast complex shapes, thereby reducing or eliminating machining costs.
  3. Permanent mold castings are pressure tight with low porosity, fine grain structure and superior strength.
  4. Permanent mold castings are dimensionally stable. Superior as-cast properties frequently eliminate requirements for heat treating.
  5. Fine as-cast finish can eliminate some costly pre-paint preparations.




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